3 games to play with the family

Spending time with your children is essential for their well-being. It shows them that you care about them. Entering their world by playing with them is also important for their emotional security and development. In fact, there is a whole range of activities that allow you to have fun with your little ones.

Here are just a few of them.

Quiz nights

You can organize this game from three people, including two players and a referee. You will need a paper, pen or whiteboard and a list of questions. You can also use a sound indicator such as a buzzer to set the time for each person or team. The game is very simple and fun.

All the referee has to do is ask a series of questions. Each player then scores points which are recorded on the white board for each correct answer given. But, the whiteboard can also be used by each team to record their answers after they have agreed on them. To make your quiz nights even more fun, divide the game into several parts, such as a musical part where players will have to identify the title or singer of a song, etc.

Forbidden words

Just like the quiz, this game can also be organised for groups of three or more people.

It requires the use of a pencil, paper and self-adhesive or post-it labels. At the beginning of the game, each player chooses and writes down several common words that they must not say during the game. They stick these words on themselves for the other players to see. The object of the game is to get the opponents to say the forbidden word.

If he does so, he loses the game. You can organize this game for example during the evening meal.The game of "Neither yes nor no" is based on the same rules. You must never pronounce the words yes or no. To win, you must always keep this rule in mind and find synonyms to avoid getting trapped.

Construction games

Most kids love to tinker.

Playing with them to make a paper house, for example, will give them great pleasure. To make an origami house, for example, you just need a style, a marker, scissors and of course a sheet of origami paper. If you have a little girl, building a fairy house or a dollhouse will certainly make her happy too. You don't need any complicated materials for this.

You just have to use the usual materials such as sheets of paper, tape, etc. If you want a smaller, stronger house, use cardboard. To give the house some colour, you can decorate it with masking tape, stickers, etc. Another idea is to make a house of cards with your children.

To make the game even more fun, organise a small competition. Whoever manages to quickly make a house of cards that stands up for a few minutes wins the game.

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