How to prevent diseases caused by air conditioning

Air conditioning has become a regular topic of discussion about whether it is good or bad for your health. Can it cause illness from its use? Is it safe or should you be careful in its use? The reality is that air conditioning is a very useful tool in people's lives inside their homes, but as usual, it requires some dedication and attention to detail to avoid possible negative situations for the inhabitants of the household.the main factor that exists to avoid any type of illness that may be caused by air conditioning, such as the much talked about legionnaire's disease, is found in cleanliness. An air-conditioning section in Madrid or anywhere else requires us to carry out regular maintenance. The cleaning of the filter is essential and it is recommended to do it periodically, especially every 2 months.

With the filter clean and the air conditioning working at all times as if it were new, there will be no risk of suffering any type of respiratory infection. It is not good to focus the air directly on one area, and it is much less advisable for the jets of air to go directly to people. Air conditioning maintenance is about making sure that the air flow is not only evenly distributed, but also that the air quality is recycled over time. This means that airing the house is still essential, no matter how much we rely on the air conditioning system we have.

Finally, in addition to having a clean filter and ensuring that the air is pure and of good quality, it is important that the temperature of the room where we are located is appropriate. Therefore, we must avoid excesses and use the air conditioning system within the logical measure for which the equipment has been installed. If you are in the summer and the air conditioning is so low that you have to go around the house with much more clothes than normal at this time of year, it will mean that you are using the installation in the wrong way. According to official data, 24º C is the ideal temperature for any home, with a logical possible rise or fall of several degrees depending on the inhabitants of the home.

Humidity is another factor that, in a related way, must be controlled and never exceed a level of between 40% and 60%. The best thing in all cases is to have the services of companies specialized in the maintenance and installation of these appliances, which will be responsible for giving you the service you need to enjoy the best service in Madrid. To find highly trained professionals in the capital near your area of residence we recommend

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